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Letra Darkness By Rage Against The Machine de Rage Against The Machine original
Greed caused the innocent blood to flow
Entire cultures lost in the overthrow
They came to seize and take whatever they please
and all they gave back was death and disease
my people were left with no choice but to decide
to conform to a system responsible for genocide

Aids is killing the entire African Nation
and a vaccine is still supposedly under preparation
well these governments, they don't mind their procrastination
they say we'll kill them off, take their land, and go there for vacation

my people's culture was strong and pure
and if not for that white greed it would have
endured. They were left with no choice but decide to
conform to a system. Souls encaged our minds enslaved
now feel the rage brutallity can never
be undone. But the sun has not yet set,
the bass and drums and microphone a threat
as we investigate the crimes from the inside
and see that theyre responsible for genocide

ya jam ya culture down my throat
say im inferior when upon it i choke
fill my mind with a false sense of history
then ya wonder why i have no identity
ill strike a match and it will catch and spread
the insight we need. A tiny fire, buring brightly, shedding light on the
Darkness of greed
I guess yes your and ya don't stop
shedding light on the darkness of greed

Letra Darkness By Rage Against The Machine de Rage Against The Machine en español

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