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Letra Fake de Kittie original
In this world we shallow fear
My world is nowhere near
I am fake and so is Britney
We hate Britney cause she is a fake
Fake is the way that Spears is
She has no talent and the guys hate her too
Ride the wagon and get a fucking life
You have no talent in the business
We will destroy ya ass
Britney is a whore with a fake tit pass

is what Britney is
Spears is a loser
Spears sucks
And she ain't no glamour either

I hope she dies
And goes to hell
What the fuck is Britney doing here
We don't wanna consider to be like Britney
cause britney is a fake

Fake is what Britney is
And she is damaged iNcorporated
Fuck that bitch cause she is a loser
And a fake fucking piece of shit
You stupid fucking bitch
You suck---OH NO!!

Letra Fake de Kittie en español

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