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Letra Victor de Victor original
(W.H. Auden)
Victor was a little baby, into this world he came:
His father took him on his knee and said:' Don't dishonour the family
Name.' Victor looked up at his father- loked up with big round eyes:
His father said:' Victor, my only son, don't you ever tell lies.'
It was a frosty December, it wsn't the season for fruits;
His father fell dead of heart disease while lacing up his boots.
It was a frosty December when into his grave he sank;
His uncle found Victor a post as a cashier in the Midlands Counties
It was a frosty December Victor was only eighteen.
But his figures were neat and his margins straight and his cuffs were
Always clean.
He took a room at the Peveril, a respectableboarding-house: And Time
Watched Victor day after day as a cat willwatch a mouse.
Victor went up to his bedroom, set the alarm bell;
Climbed into his bed, took his bible and read of happend to Jezebel.
It was the First of April, Anna to the Peveril came;
Her eyes, her lips, her breasts, her hips and her smile set men
Aflame. It was the Second of April, she was wearing a coat of fur;
Victor met her upon the stairs and fell in love with her.
The first time he made his proposal, she laughed, said:' I'll never
The second time there was a pause, then she shook her head. Anna
Looked at the mirror, pouted and gave a frown; Said;'Victor's as dull
As a wet afternoon but I've got to settle down.'
The third time hemade his proposal, as they walked by the Reservoir,
She gave him a kiss like a blowon the head, said,'You are my heart's
They married early in August, she said;'Kiss me, you funny
Victor took her in his arms and said:'O my Helen of Troy.'
The clerks were talking of Anna, the door was just ajar:
One said:'Poor old Victor, but where ignorance is bliss, etcetera.'
Victor looked up at the sunset as he stood there all alone; Cried:'Are
You in Heaven, Father ?', but the sky said'Address not known.'
Victor looked up at the mountains, the mountains all covered with
Cried:'Are you pleased with me, Father ?' and the answer came
Victor came to the forest, cried:'Father, will she ever be
True ?'
And the oaks and the beeches shook their heads and they
Answered:' Not to you.'
Victor came to the meadow where the wind went
Sweeping by: Cried:' O Father, I love her so,' but the wind said:' She
Must die.'
Victor came to the river running so deep and so still;
Crying:' O Father, what shall I do ?' and the river answered:' Kill.'
Anna was sitting at table, drawing cards from a pack;
Anna was sitting at table waiting for her husband to come back.
Victor stood in the doorway, he didn't utter a word;
She said:'What's the matter, darling ?' he behaved as if he hadn't
There was a voice in his left ear, there was a voice in the
There was a voice at the base of his skull saying:'She must die
Victor picked up a carving knife, his features were set and
Drawn, Said;'Anna, it would have been better for you if you had not
Been born.'
Anna jumped up from the table, Anna started to scream,
But Victor cam slowly after her like a horror in a dream.
She dodged behind the sofa, she tore down a curtain rod,
But Victor came slowly after her, said' Prepare to meet Thy God.'
He stood there above the body, he stood there holding the knife;
And the blood ran down the stairs and sang; ' I am the Resurrection
And the Life.'
They tapped Victor on the shoulder, they took him away
In a van;
He sat as quiet as a lump of moss saying; ' I am the Son of
Victor sat in a corner
Making a woman of clay.
Saying:' I am Alpha and Omega, I shall come
To judge the earth one day.'

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